Can I use your freebies in my project?
Yes. Author Attribution is generally required.

Can I sell your freebies?
No. You can’t sell our freebies and all the freebies of our designers. Use them but not sell.

Can I offer your freebies for download on my site or blog?
Yes. but if you want to share our resources you must link directly to our freebie page.

Can I make my own freebies using yours as inspiration?
Sure. Everyone loves to be credited though as that source of inspiration.

Can I use your freebies in a project i want to sell?
You can use the freebies in the project but you cannot sell them, you can’t include the PSD files or other freebie file but only use them.

Can I make coded versions of your work and distribute them?
You cannot distribute it without our/author specific authorization. First of all you can share them with us and maybe your files will be featured here on UI Space. So, write us for further informations.